Ecological construction of local community hall

Ecological construction of local community hall – an alternative to traditional building constructions.

As part of Kolding municipality's intention to contribute to the development of alternative and sustainable building forms, this project has been realized in 2002.

The ecological integrity depends on the choice of materials and some of the issues to be considered are:

  • Where does it come from?
  • How is it produced?
  • How does it affect people and the environment?
  • And how can it be disposed?

Indoor Climate & Energy

The construction is caracterized by resource-saving, environmentally friendly and sustainable principles which obviously affect indoor air quality and energy consumption.

An evaluation report, which is based on three years of measurements, points to several benefits of the ecological construction. Among other things it includes:

  • Low operating costs for heat and electricity
  • Good indoor climate
  • No noise from ventilation

The use of natural ventilation, preheating the fresh air by solar heating, low energy lighting and energy management means that energy consumption for heating and electricity is reduced and the energy consumption is 11% better than the restricted new Danish energy requirements from 2006.

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