Trade Fair Festival – again a huge success!

By Stella Jensen, March 07, 2016

The Wardrobe Refresh Event was a big success in Kolding - Next event will be held in August/September

Never before had the Wardrobe Refresh Event had so many visitors and so much clothes since they started in 2013.
On a weekend in the end of February 2016, the Wardrobe Refresh Event became the biggest ever to be held in Kolding Municipality.

Astrid Dam Jensen, who is the local enthusiast and event coordinator of the Wardrobe Refresh Event, says that both the amount of clothes and visitors exceeds the previous years, which she blames this year’s publicity of the event.

The basic idea behind the festival is to swap clothes instead of buying new and make them last longer. So, if you have three pieces of clothes that you no longer use, you can hand it in at the Wardrobe Refresh Event, and swap it to three new pieces of clothes donated by other people. The clothes that are not swapped is donated to Blue Cross.

This year, 40 bags of clothes were donated to Blue Cross, which also exceeds the previous events, says Astrid Dam Jensen.

Although Kolding Municipality is not a part of this event, we hope that it will grow even more popular in the future, as it promotes a more sustainable approach to consumption among the citizens.

Look at the solution for more information on the event.

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