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Kolding Municipality

Kolding Municipality is situated in the Triangle Area of Denmark, which is characterized as an area with much potential and growth. In order to meet all the possibilities the municipalitiy entails, a green and sustainable development is in focus. Kolding strives to be a pioneer municipality, as we were one of the first municipalities to initiate a strategic effort to reduce the consumption of electricity, water and heat in our own buildings. This kind of initiative is one we hope to keep, due to one of our leading positions within a sustainable city development.

Design is the future
Kolding Municipality’s vision is “We design life”, which means that we together as a municipality are designing opportunities for a better life through entrepreneurship, social development, education and knowledge. With 90.000 citizens Kolding Municipality wants to secure the best conditions for all, and through a holistic design approach implement sustainable initiatives. We are thereby working ambitiously and continuously to improve the path towards a sustainable future, which is ensured through different commitments and strategies.

Our commitments:

  • Aalborg Commitments
    Ten commitments that have the vision to create cities that are spacious, prosperous, creative and sustainable, and that gives all citizens a better quality of life and the possibility to participate in all aspects of the city life.
  • Green Cities 
    A close and binding partnership between Danish municipalities, where focus is to maintain, to protect and improve the environment, and to work towards creating a sustainable local community in the long term.

Our strategies:

  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Green Strategy
  • Strategic Energy Plan (2021)

Some are under development, some are already implemented and some we are working hard on to achieve. Read the solutions below and get inspired by how Kolding Municipality are securing a green and sustainable future for all the city’s citizens.

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Anne Kirstine Lindvang
+45 7979 5524

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