Smart real-time control of water systems

Controlling water in the drainage system

Controlling water in the drainage system
Smart real-time control of water systems makes it possible to automatically control the wastewater system in real time, so that the water is transported to where there is capacity.

The struggle to deal with increased rainfall is not only taking place in the physical world, to an equal extent, it is taking place in the digital world. Therefore, the project aims at further developing an IT-supported system for the real-time monitoring, modelling, warning and management of rainwater in both drainage systems and on the ground.
This reduces the need to invest in enlarging and upgrading the existing drainage system, and so the project’s primary aim is to make managing rainfall less expensive. At the same time it aims to open up new possibilities for the use of water on the ground. The new software solution will be part of DHI’s MIKE products and consultancy services, and will have a wide range of applications in cities and towns throughout the whole world.
The development of the new software system is based on the concept of smart control of water systems. By comparing information on where the water is at all times, and at the same time predicting where and how much rain will fall in the immediate future, it will be possible to find the optimal solution for the entire city or town’s water system, and in this way efficiently utilise reservoirs and purification plants.

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