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A fast-acting and effective automatic barrier that protects basement stair-cases from flooding

Making cellars and entrances safe from stormwater
“Skybrudsklappen” is a fast-acting and effective automatic barrier that closes off basement stair-cases and entrance areas to protect them from flooding.

Cellar stairs and entrance areas are often particularly exposed when stormwater occurs because the water can become trapped. With cellar stairs in inner city areas, it is often caused because establishing a raised edge around them is not practical or allowed because of their positioning in the pavement.
The aim of the project is therefore to develop automatic flooding barriers that can safeguard cellar stores in inner city areas and in town centres, but which also generally safeguard ground floor entrances against flooding and subsequent water penetration.
“Skybrudsklappen” functions by automatically activating the barrier around the entrance when water is detected pooling on the ground. The solution functions without electricity or other external supply, which reduces the costs of installation and increased operational reliability. An important aspect of the development project is incorporating accessibility into the solution, as well as working on how the solution can be developed in harmony with a building’s heritage.


Dansk Skybrud Rådgivning
Dansk Fugtstop
Danish Technological Institute
J.E. Junker
Anna Mette Exner

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