Facilitating collaboration for local action with the digital platform “Shared Weather”

A digital platform which promotes collaboration on local climate change adaption

Digital platform for joint action
 “Samvejr” (Shared Weather) links digital possibilities with social action, so that it is easy to take part in local adaptive activities, whether proposing or receiving ideas for specific action.

The weather is changing. Increasing occurrences of heavier rainfall continue to cause flooding when water from the drainage systems is lead into people’s cellars. As citizens and a society, we have to act. But the problem cannot be solved by excavation alone. An extension of the drainage system is both a costly solution for society and extremely discomforting for those people living in streets that have to be dug up. Luckily, there are cheaper and better alternatives.
“Samvejr” is a digital platform that informs and facilitate local action. By creating a shared digital and social space where people can propose and request inspirational tips and solutions to stormwater management, it mobilizes human action as an effective climate adaptional ressource.
“Samvejr” promotes active collaboration between authorities and citizens on local climate change adaptation. It does this in various ways, such as connecting professional experts with highly engaged people in the affected areas. “Samvejr” aims to make climate change adaptation a shared concern and not just a public authority task.
The aim of the project is to connect digital possibilities with social and user-driven action and in this way allow citizens to actively participate in climate change adaptation by offering them a platform, from which they can contribute with concrete ideas and action at a local level.
Using the platform, citizens, authorities and others can therefore as a group share knowledge, discuss, plan, and facilitate local climate change adaptation activities and the platform will among other things include tools for dialogue, guidelines and cases, which can be used for inspiration and help to create shared understanding of the problems between the different parties.
Use “Samvejr” to…
• Mobilise citizens
• Send targeted information to affected citizens
• Include and utilise local knowledge about local conditions
• Collect all of the project information in a single location
• Turn citizens into active partners
• Make climate adaptation relevant to local communities
• Put focus on the benefits of climate adaptation
• Document and pass on your citizen involvement project to partners
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Klimaspring is setting a new agenda for climate adaptation in dense urban areas, focusing on development, innovation and growth potentials. The goal of Klimaspring is to create better cities and green growth.

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