Climate Tile: Activating the pavement in water management

Activating the pavement in water management

“Klimaflisen” (Climate Tile) is a pavement system which consists of an innovative underground water management system, which is directly connected to recreational elements in the urban infrastructure. The aim of “Klimaflisen” is to use rainwater where it falls. Rainwater therefore is included in a circuit, where the water from roofs and pavements is slowed down, seeped, evaporated, used and diverted.

Despite the name “Klimaflisen”, we are not just talking about a ‘simple’ tile but rather a modular plug & play system, which connects or separates different functions on and below the ground in towns and cities. More specifically, the concept consists of an underground water management system in the form of a dry well (the so-called “plug” part), which is connected to play and recreational areas in urban spaces (the play part).

With “Klimaflisen”, the pavement of the future will be able to collect and manage water and at the same time contribute to for example the greening of cities, providing more and better public spaces with recreational elements, just as the concept provides the opportunity to conceive new solutions in relation to accessibility and wayfinding. Klimaflisen spaces have great potential With pavements in even the smallest and most dense towns and cities, “Klimaflisen” is a solution with comprehensive potential both in Denmark and in other countries where water management and urban development are a political priority.

There are more than 700 km of pavement in Copenhagen, and over 20,000 km of pavement in New York. As a concept, “Klimaflisen” is easy to modulate and scale in relation to local requirements for water management, and at the same time it provides new possibilities to create more value in towns and cities.


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Klimaspring is setting a new agenda for climate adaptation in dense urban areas, focusing on development, innovation and growth potentials. The goal of Klimaspring is to create better cities and green growth.

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