Interactive flood risk tool

Interactive flood risk tool to manage flooding hazards more precisely

Easier management of flooding hazards
Interactive flood risk tool ( “Dynamiske oversvømmelseskort”) makes it easier to manage flooding hazards more precisely when new urban areas are planned and emergency situations need to be dealt with.

The idea behind “Dynamiske oversvømmelseskort”, is to develop a powerful online flood risk tool targeted at local governments and water utilities. The easy to use tool allows for interactive flood risk estimation and planning, based on high-resolution terrain data. The software is a further development of the technology used in Skybrudskortet© and it will incorporate data from sea, stream and hollows.
Current digital models for analysing flooding are far from ideal, partly because they are not continually updated and partly because they are difficult to use by non-experts. Therefore, the aim is to develop a user-friendly planning tool, which allows for the processing of new data on an ongoing basis. The tool’s dynamic and user-friendly design will ensure that a broad group of stakeholders in municipalities and utilities, who are not necessarily experts in hydrological modelling, can use the tool.


Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI)
Aarhus University
Alien Workshop

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