InTex monitors indoor climate and energy consumption

DMRI, Danish Technological Institute, uses InTex from KE Fibertec to monitor the indoor climate

Danish Meat Research Institue (DMRI) follows their own recommendations in their laboratory, and they have chosen the InTex solution from KE Fibertec to monitor the air pressure and the temperature in the ventilation duct. By establishing automatic monitoring of the operation they know exactly when to wash the textile ducts. In this way, the velocity of air and the temperature gradient will stay at the same level as dimensioned, as the air distribution is constantly optimal.

When keeping an eye on the air pressure you can track the performance of the duct and act in due time. Clean ducts will save energy and maintain a healthy indoor climate in the building. At DMRI they have fixed an alarm level of 70 Pa, meaning that they will get an email alert when the air pressure exceeds that level.

As Senior Consultant Jens Scheller Andersen puts it: “Textile duct cooling is a good solution both for employees and products, and it is a very popular type of ventilation in the food industry. We always recommend regular maintenance of the ventilation system and the use of a monitoring system to inform when it is time to wash”.

For more information on the DMRI project please read the case study…

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