New metering system substantially reduces the man-hours spent reading water meters

Mid-South Synergy in Montgomery, TX, operates a water service area with more than 5,000 metering points. The utility was looking for a solution that would give them a detailed overview of their distribution network with realtime information and smart alarms, which would help save resources.

Mid-South started a 6-month pilot program where 500 Kamstrup AMI meters and two collectors were installed. After the commissioning was finished, Mid-South Synergy saw first-hand benefits of Kamstrup’s AMI and before the pilot program was even completed, the decision was made to purchase an additional 2,500 meters to be replaced throughout 2018.

The new fixed network solution allowed Mid-South to offer their customers real-time information on their water consumption, enabled them to take care of water leaks and broken pipes on time, as well as reduced man-hours spent on manually reading the water meters. Specifically, Mid-South operates on 4 billing cycles – one per week. With only part of their system operating on the new AMI system they already saw 10-12 hours saved per week.

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