Optimise the water pressure with PressureSensor

Optimise the pressure in your distribution network

Optimise the water pressure in your distribution network and unlock a series of benefits with pressure management, such as extended lifetime, energy savings and reduced loss from leakages.

Increased knowledge about the pressure and pressure surges in the distribution network has a significant impact on the water utility’s business. An optimal pressure solves a wide range of operational challenges and has a direct and positive influence on the utility’s bottom line.

Kamstrup PressureSensor is a waterproof meter, which continuously measures the pressure in the distribution network – both the overall pressure level and possible harmful pressure surges. By installing a number of pressure meters at strategic locations in the network, you can get an overview of the possibilities for optimising the pressure.

The utility gets a tool that can prolong the lifetime of the pipes in the distribution network, reduce the energy consumption, lower the number of bursts and leakages as well as the overall level of non-revenue water. It also enables you to provide the right pressure to the consumers, resulting in a higher level of customer satisfaction. The utility can also operate much closer to the minimum pressure demands when the pressure is under constant surveillance.

Kamstrup PressureSensor contains the same radio technology as Kamstrup’s water meters. Data is transmitted through a READy network together with consumption data from the utility’s other meters. All data is continuously available in the READy Manager for further processing and analysis.

The transmission of data can be done as often as every 5 minutes to secure a sufficient level of data to support continuous optimization and troubleshooting.

Long lifetime
The pressure meter is powered by internal batteries, which enables it to be installed anywhere in the distribution network – also if no power is available. The lifetime of the battery spans up to 6 years with the possibility of changing the batteries in order to prolong the lifetime of the pressure meter. The installation demands a durable and rugged product. Therefore, the pressure meter is designed as a vacuum chamber made from moulded composit material making it completely waterproof (IP68) – even if the batteries have been changed.

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