Acoustic Leak Detection

The state-of-the-art flowIQ® 2200 ultrasonic water meter introduces integrated acoustic leak detection that enables you to monitor your service connections for possible leaks.

Acoustic Leak Detection

Today, leak detection, especially in service connections, is often a time-consuming, inefficient and expensive task. With limited knowledge of what goes on in your distribution network, it is usually based on a combination of trial and error, theoretic models or simply gut feelings.

With water resources getting more and more scarce, we need reliable and innovative solutions that protect your water and resources. Therefore, we don’t just talk about fighting water loss, we think forward to raise the bar for it. The result is the next level solution for smart metering with acoustic leak detection. Get full transparency of your distribution network, the tools you need for efficient leak detection and a proactive approach to fighting water loss. Identify and verify potential leaks before they develop into bursts, and target your resources where they deliver the most value.

Smart metering with acoustic leakage detection

Now you can let every smart meter work for you to help locate leaks and create an unprecedented transparency in your distribution network. Based on a new and innovative use of our proven ultrasonic technology we have developed an innovative solution for smart metering and acoustic leakage detection that gives you the tools needed to optimize your leakage localisation.

Acting like a fine-meshed network of noise-loggers, the meters listen to the distribution lines and the service connections to detect possible leakages. You can identify potential leakages before they develop into large scale bursts and target your resources to where they will create the most value. Maybe you can even postpone investments in maintenance, renovation or additional capacity. Early detection of leaks also limits consequential damage and allows you to provide more proactive customer service by, for instance, warning customers about potential leaks.

flowIQ® 2200 raises the bar for smart water metering

flowIQ® 2200 is a residential water meter based on proven ultrasonic technology.
The smart water meter is the first of its kind with built-in acoustic leakage detection. The meter monitors noise patterns that indicate possible leakages in the adjacent pipes and allows you to identify high-risk installations and find leaks in both service connections and distribution mains.

Containing no moving parts, the water meter maintains the same high accuracy throughout the lifetime of up to 16 years. It measures even the smallest consumption and has a very low error margin. With full support for remote reading, flowIQ® 2200 offers a number of configurable data packages, both well-known and new intelligent alarms as well as a number of target volumes, max and min flows and temperature values. In addition, the flowIQ® 2200 comes with a new display that updates every fourth seconds and also shows the flow rate.
Lastly, the meter offers you a much more efficient way of detecting leakages and locating these in the future.

Leak Detector

With its map-based overview, the analytics module Leak Detector enables you to quickly locate leaks in service connections and distribution mains based on acoustic noise levels registered by flowIQ® 2200 water meters.

Leaks can be difficult to detect, and there can be many reasons for a leak. With acoustic noise data from your water meters, you can now detect leakages in a completely new way. The analytics module Leak Detector enables you to locate leaks in service connections and distribution mains based on acoustic noise levels registered by flowIQ® 2200 water meters. This means that you can spend your time fixing the leaks, rather than searching blindly to find them.

Leak Detector gives you a map-based overview of your supply area and shows your meters with intuitive colour coding representing the noise level registered by each with graphs visualising the development over time. All of this enables you to easily identify high-risk installations where elevated noise levels indicate possible leaks or bursts.

With a faster and more efficient leak detection, you reduce your cost per identified leak and can find the low-hanging fruits for reducing your Non-Revenue Water. Detailed knowledge about high risk installations with possible leaks and the overall condition of your network will also enable you to prioritize your daily efforts to when and where they will have the biggest impact.

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