Reducing water loss with acoustic leak detection in Söderhamn Nära, Sweden

Every year 400,000 m3 of water was lost on its way to Söderhamn Nära’s customers.

This equates to water losses of 20 per cent. To reduce that number, the utility started rolling out a new smart metering solution with integrated acoustic leak detection. Previously, the hunt for leaks had been a time-consuming and expensive task that required going from valve to valve to listen for leaks, shutting off areas one by one to verify assumptions.

Today, their smart meters flowIQ® 2200 and analytics platform, Leak Detector, let them identify areas with potential leakages, located both before and after the meter. The team can then verify the leaks
and repair them. One hour after the first meter was installed, an alarm was registered, and a leak identified on a service line. Over a six-month period, approximately 100 leaks were detected at the end customer, as well as two leaks in service connections. Söderhamn Nära’s efforts are now more targeted and resource efficient. They are now able to warn their customer of leaks and guarantee more precise invoicing.

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