MULTICAL 21 – Intelligent Water Meter from Kamstrup

As a supplier of drinking water, everything counts in providing the full picture when adding up duties and the economy.

The new intelligent water meter MULTICAL 21 does not only measure the water consumption. It also improves the economy, facilitates the administration and prevents leakages from evolving.

The advantages of the MULTICAL 21 water meter are many:

  1. Easy installation in meter shafts and moist environments. MULTICAL 21 is robust and avoids dust and humidity
  2. The ultrasonic measuring principle gives an outstanding accuracy and extreme durability
  3. Several kinds of wireless remote reading: manual, automatic and integrated in a radio network
  4. Electronic display with info codes about irregularities
  5. Eco-friendly materials
  6. Reliable lifetime of 16 years


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