Mineral resistant water meters ensure accurate reading

Reducing water loss with accurate metering

On Sweden’s largest island, Gotland, hard water created by the island’s calcareous rocks caused deposits in the region’s 12,000 mechanical water meters. The build-up of lime scale, calcium, iron and sand lowered the accuracy of the mechanical meters and caused them to display incorrect water usage – or in some cases – stop working altogether. This forced the region’s water department to replace some of the meters after only three years of use as opposed to the usual ten years.

A decision was therefore made to invest in more expensive, but longer lasting, ultrasonic water meters from Kamstrup. The ultrasonic water meters are resistant to mineral deposits as they do not have any moving parts, ensuring unrivalled accuracy and lowering the unbilled consumption throughout their 16-year lifetime. Moreover, the built-in leakage detection in the meters alerts Region Gotland’s water department and pinpoints the location of leaks across their network, ensuring that leaks are quickly fixed and water loss is reduced.

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