Garbage truck read water meters automatically

Langeland Water Supply saves time by combining mobile reading and infrastructure

Due to the geographical layout of its distribution area, Langeland Water Supply only used to read its consumers’ water meters once a year, making leaks next to impossible to detect. However, after having installed ultrasonic water meters and a mobile reading solution from Kamstrup, the water utility now gets a regular delivery of rich data about the consumption and its supply network. To enhance its leakage detection, Langeland Water Supply chose to set up DMAs – a decision which quickly paid off.

For two Mondays in a row during the summer of 2015, the water utility first read one of the district meters and then all the water meters in that area. A comparison of the readings revealed that approx. 350 m3 of water had been lost in that week. According to the water utility’s operations manager, this method proved both time-saving and cost-efficient as detecting such a leak would previously have required a significant amount of man hours and taken up to several months.

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