Kamstrup joins alliance to tackle California drought

By Kamstrup, March 22, 2016

Taking on the California water shortage with intelligent water metering solutions

Kamstrup has partnered with a group of leading Danish water and clean tech companies to develop and tailor advanced water solutions that can help drought-hit California. 

The water technology alliance focuses on solutions aiming at supporting California utilities in their efforts to save water and become energy neutral. The alliance is led by the second largest water company in Denmark, Aarhus Vand, who has received a €550,000 grant from the Danish Industry Foundation to establish a foothold for Danish water and clean tech companies in California.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent metering solutions, Kamstrup will engage in dialogue with Californian water utilities to tailor solutions to meet the challenges they are currently facing. California has been heavily affected by drought over the last four years and is currently implementing projects to reduce water waste and losses. Kamstrup’s energy and water saving solutions can help local water utilities to optimise their networks and improve their efficiency.

“We have had an office in the US for nearly three years now and we are very active across the country. Our philosophy is to combine our deep understanding of our customers’ needs with our intelligent metering solutions to deliver solutions which address specific requirements head-on. We hope that the dialogue we are about to engage in with utilities in California will pave the way for Kamstup to provide tangible value by providing tailored intelligent water network solutions,” says Jesper Kjelds, Kamstrup’s Senior Vice President of Heat, Cooling and Water Systems.

Kamstrup’s intelligent meter solutions can play a vital role in water conservation, according to Jesper Kjelds.

“The ultrasonic technology in our water metering systems can quickly detecteven the smallest of leaks and water waste, i.e. reducing non revenue water. This allows water utilities to know where the most serious system deficiencies lie and where to prioritize repairs and replacements. This can ultimately save huge volumes of water and cost,” says Jesper Kjelds.

“We have for a long time dealt with cooperating companies and the export of Danish water and clean technology solutions. We have done this through projects both in Denmark and abroad. With this action in California we’re building on the good experience that we, and the project’s other players, have accumulated,” says Danish Industry Foundation President, Mads Lebech.

The “Energy Neutrality, Water Savings & Water Resources” alliance is made up of Aarhus Vand, Kamstrup, Danfoss, Rambøll, Applied Biomimetic, DHI, Grundfos, Smith Innovation, Skytem and Leif Koch.

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