The BaltCICA Project – preparing for a changing climate

The BaltCICA Project is designed to focus on the most imminent problems that climate change is likely to cause in the Baltic Sea Region. The concentration of large parts of the population and many larger cities in coastal areas make the region especially sensitive to climate change. Changes in precipitation and flood patterns as well as rising sea level can affect not only the built environment but also water availability and quality.

Aim of the project

Adaptation to climate change cannot be solved solely locally and in isolated attempts, but calls for cooperation and integrated approaches in the Baltic Sea Region. The BaltCICA project with local and regional partners prepares regions and municipalities to cope with a changing climate.

Case study – Kalundborg

Study area (14,000 hectare) includes a peninsula (Reersø), a large lake Tissø(1233hectare), a large near-shore and low-lying summer cottage area and also permanent habitation, large agricultural areas, nature resorts, ground- and surfacewater interests, tourist and cultural assets. Further more the land behind the coastline has delta-like characters which makes the area vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. Also the area includes infrastructur such as roads, sewerages, water supply and draining assets. The case study area has a coastline and lowland, which are threaten by rising of the sea level and changes in precipitation.

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Kalundborg Municipality
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Lisbeth Randers
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