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Wind Power Economics tool for free

WPEL – the new, easy, and free way to make a financial analysis of your wind energy project
WPEL is a light version of K2 Management in-house developed Wind Park Economics (WPE), a financial analysis tool for wind energy projects. While the WPE requires experience and in-depth knowledge in respect of project development, project financing, construction, and operating of wind farms, WPEL is a simplified “light” version which can be used by non-experienced users, or users who do not master all of the disciplines mentioned above.

WPEL offers:

  • A quick initial screening of the financial viability of a contemplated wind energy project of any size
  • Identifying financial milestones and stop/go criteria in planning your project development process
  • Analysis of the impact of changing input variables
  • Analysis of different scenarios

Do you want to calculate the business case of a wind project? If yes, you can download Wind Power Economics Light (WPEL) for free by signing up to our newsletter.

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