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Independent energy project consultancy with offshore and onshore wind and solar PV experience. Engineering, project management, contracting, planning, asset management and due diligence services.

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Asset Management is all about securing the best possible return on investment.

Once a project has completed construction, maximum reliability and minimal downtime are key targets. The day to day running of a project requires vigilant monitoring and a suitable preventative maintenance programme, which for offshore projects especially, must include a robust access strategy.

So having the right service contract (O&M) and setup on onshore and offshore wind farms is paramount for your asset management and thereby the Cost of Energy (CoE). But operational expenditure (OPEX) can only be a best estimate, as no one knows what the entire future holds.

Expanding the scope from focusing only on O&M Management to focusing on operating a wind farm as a business with Asset Management will improve clients business cases.

At K2 Management we think Asset Management should include the following key areas (prioritized and not limited) to secure that wind farms are operated as any regular business:

  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Engineering & Performance
  • Financing
  • Financial Administration
  • Corporate Governance
  • General Administration
  • Reporting

OEM Service Agreements normally focus on maintenance and availability. They do not focus on your operations and business case, but K2-management does.

At K2 Management, we have the experience and years of insight to foresee a long list of issues that you should be taking into consideration when it comes to asset management, operations, and maintenance of wind projects. We typically perform inspections, end of warranty strategies, reports, data analysis and tendering of third party service providers.

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