Straw to Produce Heat

More and more businesses are choosing agricultural byproducts instead of woody biomass to run their plants. It gives farmers a good opportunity to utilize the residues of their agricultural activities while producing heat.

Since 2014, Justsen has made significant steps towards improving its technology for agricultural biomass. Today, nearly twenty Justsen boiler plants are using straw-based fuel to produce heat in Denmark and abroad.

Straw can be used in the form of bales or directly as shredded straw. A straw shredder handles bales before entering the fuel feed system. After the bales are placed on a receiving table, cords are cut by means of an automatic string remover, and the bales are spread. Straw bundles fall one by one into the straw shredder at the end of the straw bale feeder. Straw contains a high level of chlorides causing boilers to corrode if not properly protected. The inside of Justsen boilers combustion chamber is reinforced with a stainless steel alloy SAF 2205 to reduce low-temperature corrosion risk.

The largest straw-fired boiler system Justsen has delivered so far is an 8.5 MW district heating plant in Midtlangeland, Denmark. The project involved replacing their 28 years old boiler with a new one keeping the original building. The total value of the reconstruction amounted to 25 million Danish Krones. The plant has been operational since 2019, utilizing agricultural byproducts from local wheat, rye, oats, rapeseed growers.

Justsen has extended its standardized hot water boiler line ARGUS Flex adding a new boiler type designed to combust straw. Now, medium-sized boilers ARGUS Flex are available in three executions depending on the fuel: (1) standard for wood pellets and granulated wood, (2) ceramic for wood chips and bark, and (3) straw execution for shredded straw with 15% moisture.

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Justsen Energiteknik is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specializing in biomass boiler systems ranging from 300 kW to 30 MW. Justsen designs and manufacturers hot water, steam and chp type boilers for all kinds of biofuel. Justsen water-cooled grates is our key system element that has changed biofueled boiler plants.

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