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Julia F. Chozas, Consulting Engineer

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Julia F. Chozas, Consulting Engineer offers services in the offshore renewable energy field and in following areas: - Consultancy - R&D Projects - Project Proposals Evaluation and Writing - Lectures and Training - Tours to Middelgrunden Offshore Wind Energy Farm

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Consulting Engineer Julia F. Chozas together with Aalborg University and have released a freely available online spreadsheet to evaluate the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) for wave energy projects.

The open-access tool calculates the LCOE based on the power production of a Wave Energy Converter (WEC) at several locations. Production data may derive from laboratory testing, numerical modelling or from sea trials.

The tool has been developed as a transparent and simple model that evaluates WEC’s economic feasibility in a range of locations, while scaling WEC’s features to the selected site.

Read more about the COE Calculation Tool.

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Julia F. Chozas, Consulting Engineer
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