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You must watch the amazing results JIMCO has achived. The video is from a McDonalds in Næstved, where the duct has not been cleaned for more than five years.

McDonalds in Næstved Denmark has not cleaned their duct for more than five years and it is still clean, thanks to the JIMCO Kitchen Pollution Control (KPC) system. As you can see in the video there is almost any fat and grease stuck in the duct.

For a number of years, JIMCO A/S has developed and manufactured air-cleaning systems specifically for the reduction of grease and aromatic compounds in exhaust air with high temperatures (frying, boiling and deep frying processes).

The JIMCO KPC-equipment uses a process called photolytic oxidation – combining photolysis and ozonolysis. Photolysis is a process of photo-decomposition where the organic molecules (e.g. fat, grease and oil) are broken down by photons, when exposed to UV-C light. Ozonolysis is the process of oxidation of the photo-decomposed molecules which, when exposed to ozone (produced by the lamps) is incinerated by means of cold incineration. The result is grease and odor reduction from kitchen exhaust like you see in the video.

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