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Behind some of the world’s most unique air and wastewater purification and sterilisation solutions.

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By JIMCO, May 19, 2020

For 25 years, JIMCO A / S has created some of the world’s most outstanding solutions for air, surface and waste-water purification and sterilisation and received the EU’s environmental award in 1999. JIMCO FLO-K air purification system with UV-C and Ozone technology that sterilizes up to 99.9% of the flowing air.

Functional products
JIMCO A/S is known throughout the world as an innovative and groundbreaking company that develops unique and functional products.
Behind the world famous products there is a very special technology, called photolysis oxidation. This term covers the concept of carbon combustion (cold incineration) in which the air’s harmful micro-organisms break down while the air-containing protein chains are broken.
JIMCO’s patented UV-C & Ozone technology is characterized by its user friendliness and simple design – while protecting the environment by avoiding the use of filters and chemicals. In addition, all products have a very low power consumption. None of JIMCO products harms either the environment or the working environment, since no types of chemicals or filters are being used to be replaced or cleaned. Therefore, it does
not emit hazardous waste products. In 1999, JIMCO A/S received the EU environmental award.

The air-purifiers
JIMCO A/S air purifier treats a number of pollutants from the industry. They might be odour and grease, oil from industrial frying machines or fryers, where fat and oil are accumulated in duct systems and hoods. Also, odour from sewage plants (drains), biogas plants and destruction plants can be effectively treated. It is well known that ventilation systems containing an air conditioner are extremely risky regarding microorganisms and contagious viruses. Specially in larger systems, the risk for contamination is even extremely higher due to the large air change circulation. To eliminate this problem Jimco A/S has developed a universal UV-C product, which sterilizes the flowing air up to 99.9% without use of any filters or chemicals. At a particular wavelength, UV-C light has the effect of piercing the cell membrane on the microorganism, after which it dies. It is commonly known that disease cases are significantly reduced after installation of this technology, and UV-C plants will therefore have a very fast payback period. All Jimco plants can be customized and adapted to any production and can be supplied with automatic CIP cleaning facility (Cleaning In Place). The CIP system is controlled by PLC monitoring so that you can freely program the cleaning sequence.

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