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By Søren Hansen, May 15, 2020

The use of UV-C produced ozone can clean the air, and optimize your health. Read Lizzy's story about her experiences with the MAC500.

Lissy Holtegaard from Humlebæk suffered for many years from respiratory problems caused by pollen allergies. She was expecting to have to live with the symptoms forever, until an air purifier changed her life.

75 year-old Lissy Holtegaard has been plagued by respiratory problems and asthmatic and allergic reactions for as long as she can remember. At the same time, she has often been hit by colds and the flu. After being moved to new housing with a poor indoor climate, she experienced growing asthmatic reactions and became more frequently ill. The North Zealander quickly wrote off any expectations that something could be done to alleviate her problems.

“However, one day I read a magazine article that made me take notice. The article was about how a Danish-made air purifier can alleviate respiratory problems and asthmatic and allergic reactions. Several people talked about how they had become symptom-free after getting the product. It sounded almost too good to be true. Nevertheless, I immediately called the AIR-TECH dealer,” says the pensioner who subsequently chose to purchase the air purifier mentioned in the article. It’s called Jimco MAC 500, is the size of a shoebox, and costs just over DKK 3,500 excluding VAT.

Respiratory problems disappeared almost completely

It quickly became apparent that the air purifier made a difference. “Since I bought my air purifier, I’ve gotten significantly better. The birch pollen allergy that used to ruin the entire spring for me disappeared almost completely. My air purifier runs around the clock when there is a lot of pollen in the air or when I start to feel the allergy coming on. The respiratory problems are almost completely gone, as are reactions such as itching, rashes, and running nose. My eyes are no longer watery, either,” explains Lissy Holtegaard.

The North Zealander’s allergies were considerable worse when she had to do without her air purifier while on holiday. “I got the flu and felt really poor. Because I feel a tremendous difference in my quality of life with the air purifier running, I will always take it with me on holiday in the future,” she says.

Bacteria and microorganisms are killed

At AIR-TECH, where Lissy Holtegaard bought her air purifier, manager Kirsten Larsen explains that the product uses ultraviolet light to burn bacteria and fungi in the air. “Lissy has gotten better because her air purifier eliminates airborne particles such as mould and pollen. When microorganisms are killed, respiratory problems are also prevented. This is particularly important in the fall and winter when you spend less time in the fresh air and are thus more susceptible,” she says. The manager says that the air purifier’s so-called UV-C technology is patented by Jimco A/S of Rudkøbing, has received the EU environmental award, and is widely used both in Denmark and abroad.

“Jimco MAC 500 has many possible applications. In addition to creating a better indoor climate, the product removes offensive odours and extends the shelf life of organic food, in particular. All of this is possible because the air purifier reduces the concentration of bacteria and fungi by killing more than 99.9 % of the microorganisms in the air that passes through,” says Kirsten Larsen. She explains that the MAC 500 is also used by individuals to remove offensive odours from smoking, cooking, furnaces, as well as in holiday homes, caravans, and basements. It is also used professionally in supermarkets, industrial kitchens, linen stores, hospitals, and nursing homes, for example.

According to Danish and foreign laboratory tests, the air purifier also acts against infections and infectious viruses. “In addition to avoiding respiratory problems and allergies, I’m generally less sick today than in the past. Air sterilization undoubtedly provides a better and healthier life and I credit the air purifier for the fact that I’ve been feeling much better,” concludes Lissy Holtegaard.

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