Reducing ammonia emissions from livestock housing

Bregentved Estate produces 130,000 pigs/year. In order to reduce ammonia and smell emissions, investment was made in slurry acidification from JH Agro.

The JH Acidification NH4+ and JH SmellFighter solutions reduces ammonia emissions by 64% and odor by 50%. Methane gas emissions can be reduced by approx. 60%.

The reductions are achieved by adding sulfuric acid to the slurry in a mixing tank, transforming ammonia to ammonium. The process is automatic and controlled by pH sensors. When reaching the desired pH level, slurry is pumped back to the stable. A smaller amount of the slurry is pumped to the storage tank. The process is repeated, typically once a day. It is the only technology that reduces ammonia emissions from slurry in housing, storage, as well as when applied to the fields.

Besides the significant environmental advantages, Bregentved also benefits from better indoor climate for animals and employees, due to the much lower evaporation of ammonia. They also obtain a higher nutrient value of the slurry, when applied to the fields.

64% reduction of ammonia emissions from pig farm
51% reduction of odor
Potential of up to 60% reduction of methane gas emissions

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JH Acidification NH4+ (JH Forsuring NH4+) is reducing ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions from pig and cow farms. JH SmellFighter is reducing odor from pig farms.

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