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Digital Technologies are imagined to play a key role in the transition towards a green and sustainable future. With its mission to deliver internationally leading research and teaching related to the increasing digitalisation of society the IT University of Copenhagen is naturally positioned to be a front-running contributor to a sustainable transition.

Currently, The IT University of Copenhagen is housing research projects providing cutting edge perspectives on the social and technical transformations, which are imagined to happen as renewable energy replaces fossil fuels and as cities, houses, and technologies are becoming progressively smart.

Being a network of computer scientists, software engineers, social scientists, interaction designers as well as media and communication scholars, the research cluster Energy Futures is bringing together diverse expertise to prototype a range of possible fossil-free energy futures.

As an example the research project Alien Energy, a ramification of Energy Futures, draws on inspiration from anthropology and Science and Technology Studies to explore the impact and effects of renewable energy initiatives at several sites within Europe. Alien Energy conducts comparative analysis at sites spanning from wave energy in Denmark, to marine renewable energy in Scotland, to geothermal energy in Iceland.


If you are interested in knowing more about the different energy initiatives at the ITU you are more than welcome to contact Brit Winthereik for further information.


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