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In 2008 in the village of Vestenskov in Denmark the first-ever hydrogen village saw the light of day

In 2008, a dynamic development project called The Danish Micro Combined Heat and Power Project was established.

The ambition with the project was:

  • Positioning the region as a European role model for full scale implementation of hydrogen technology.
  • Reducing the emission of CO2 from private households
  • Creating an increase of the energy supply efficiency in Denmark and abroad
  • Helping the integration of renewables and balancing the power grid
  • Creating growth in the Danish energy industry
  • By the end of the project in 2014, to have micro combined heat and power units ready for consumers in Denmark and abroad

The project incorporated 9 Danish energy companies, each providing different competences necessary to develop, test and demonstrate the use of micro CHPs in private households.

To read more about Vestenskov, the first hydrogen village in the world, please visit our website here.

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