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The steadily increasing transport and mobility activities in densely populated urban areas are turning into a societal problem, which people are trying to solve in various ways. Some speak of car sharing schemes, others about smaller two- or three-wheeled (electric) vehicles, while getting more people to use public transportation is also often mentioned. But what does the development point towards?

Insero consults Arriva about tendencies and factors

In relation to a procurement on a specific bus route in Copenhagen, Arriva contacted Insero with a view to get an external and objective assessment of how the passenger development on the route could be expected to be.

Insero’s department Mobility examined this based on various transport and mobility tendencies and factors, which may affect the mobility challenges of the future in general and the concrete bus route specifically.

Several factors will affect the development

There are several factors that will influence how the transport and mobility patterns of the future will develop. Very concretely, there is an overall parameter such as the increase in population, including the development within certain age segments. This parameter affects the need of transportation.

With the need defined, another important parameter is the development within the transport and mobility solutions, whether speaking of new technologies (e.g. smaller electric vehicles) or new services (e.g. Drivr/Uber and car sharing). Among many other things, Insero combined such factors when solving the assignment for Arriva, with a view to provide a comprehensive and well-founded basis for a projection of the passenger development on the bus route in question.

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