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PARKER: a research project for vehicle-to-grid technology

With the movement towards replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources, the future power system will experience growing challenges in balancing the fluctuating power production and utilizing the renewable energy production to the fullest.

Commercialisation of grid-integrated electric vehicles

The Parker-project demonstrates how grid-integrated electric vehicles can play a role in solving this growing challenge, and the goal is to pave the way for the global commercialisation of grid-integrated electric vehicles. Using vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, it is possible for an electric vehicle to be grid-integrated, allowing it to receive and deliver power to the electric grid when the need arises. Through V2G technology, the vehicles can thus serve as power resources and thereby actively help balance the grid.

However, before the electric vehicles can actively balance the grid, there is a need for common ground among car manufacturers – a universal definition – so electric vehicles of all makes and regardless of their location will be able to provide electricity to the power grid according to the local grid needs. With Denmark as the platform, the project will thus define and test the technical capabilities, which future electric vehicles must support. Simultaneously, the project will take the first steps towards developing a certificate that car manufacturers worldwide can apply to mark the vehicles’ ability to support the grid.

The project will pull data from the world’s first commercial fleet of electric vehicles that deliver power back to the grid, just as tests and demonstrations will be performed on seven electric vehicles and six charging stations, which are part of the project.

Insero’s role

In the project, Insero and our department Mobility investigate the economic and technical consequences of the various V2G services on the power system and the electricity market. These studies will help ensure that the various services can be replicated across geographic areas, technologies, and user groups.

Furthermore, we are responsible for the overall dissemination of the project, including the development of a communication strategy, designing and maintaining the website and ongoing coordination of the press efforts.

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