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Bio-methanol based range extender for electric vehicles


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The somewhat limited range is one of the biggest obstacles for electric vehicles. The MECc project will develop a range extender, which should optimally be able to provide a range of up to 800 km on a full charge and fill-up.

Bio-methanol based range extender for electric vehicles
The main purpose of the MECc project is to develop a clean, simple and competitive range extender for electric vehicles based on bio-methanol fuel cells as the energy source. Further, the solution is to be flexible so it is possible to add extra modules to extend the range based on needs and economy.

During the project period, the concept is to be developed so far that it can be integrated and tested in an electric vehicle with a view to make further adjustments subsequently. Insero and our department Mobility are in charge of testing the technology in Insero Live Lab, and we are also responsible for the general execution of the project through our role as project manager.

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