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Insero’s department, ”Software Solutions” helps organizations to clarify digital solutions

Insero’s department, ”Software Solutions” helps organizations and public institutions clarify digital solutions. With expertise in the field of user experience, energy technology and software development, the department secures a successful journey from drawing board to implementation.

Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT is already and will also become part of future products where sensors are being built into anything from refrigerators to windows. At “Software Solutions” it is about managing the communication between sensors and systems, collecting and processing data – and last but not least, visualize and present it so that value is added to the business.

Smart City
The green transition creates new opportunities and challenges which demand new smart digital solutions – especially in the city. “Software Solutions” helps organizations to turn green transition and CO2 reduction into good business by combining disciplines in the field of energy technology, software development and mobility.

Development projects
Digital innovation requires the latest knowledge. The department stays in the front by developing new knowledge by participating in strategic development and demonstration projects within the field of Smart City and Internet of Things. Right now, “Software Solutions” is part of the Ecogrid project and SABINA project.

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