Energy and sustainability consultancy

Insero’s department, “Energy and sustainability”, helps companies to implement sustainable solutions

Energy and sustainability 
Insero’s department, Energy and Sustainability, helps companies to implement sustainable solutions without compromising comfort, economy, and use of resources. The department provides consultancy within the following areas:

In recent years, the climate changes have caused more heavy and frequent rain events. Neither buildings’ drainage nor existing sewerage systems are dimensioned for monster rain, which has caused major and extensive damage to many buildings. “Energy and sustainability” offers consultancy in how to best secure buildings from the massive rain. Among others things, they help with a screening of buildings and areas, consultancy on technical improvements, plus securing buildings and areas for the climate of the future.

Energy analysis
Changes in the climate, dwindling resources and economic challenges cause new and often unexpected challenges and problems, creating new demands for our energy consumption and resource management. The department has specialized in making energy analyses that make it easier for companies to reduce the resource consumption and at the same time contribute to the green transition. “Energy and Sustainability” conducts analyses of energy consumption, and counsels companies on how to best reduce the energy consumption from a technical, economic and environmental point of view.

Efficient resource consumption
The department helps organizations to reduce cost by streamlining resource consumption whether it concerns residential, commercial or industrial buildings. “Energy and Sustainability” draws on its many years of experience from FUD and energy consulting within lighting, compressed air, ventilation, pumps, cooling and heating systems, climate screenings and renewable energy solutions. Among others, the department helps with a screening of the potential of buildings, development of a plan for improvement as well as operations and maintenance plans, plus prioritizing of investments.

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