Consultancy for strategy development for e-mobility

Insero’s department, ”Mobility”, gives strategic consultancy to private and public institutions.

Strategic energy planning for transport

Insero’s department, ”Mobility”, gives strategic consultancy to private and public institutions. With the department’s specialization in market analyses, trends and operators, they help clients to make a concrete plan for the transition to green transport. “Mobility” develops individual strategic plans which take point of departure in the respective institution’s opportunities and challenges within transport.

Development projects

The department attracts the latest knowledge from national and international development projects where they develop and mature technologies and business models – and they make sure that these are tested and demonstrated in everyday life.

Mobility cluster

Denmark has great business potential within e-mobility. Many Danish companies possess strong competencies within the area. To be able to play a central part in the world’s fastest growing cleantech industry there is a need to join forces and draw on each other’s competencies and experiences.

“Mobility” drives the Danish e-mobility business cluster with the very purpose of creating a common platform. They do this to make sure that Danish companies realize their potential and benefit from – as well as gain insights into – the global e-mobility market.

A membership in the cluster ensures that you and your company have a sound connection to the e-mobility industry and a unique opportunity to meet other professionals with a business interest in e-mobility.

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