Business Development

Insero’s department, "Business Development", helps companies to strengthen their competitiveness

Insero’s department, “Business Development”, helps companies to strengthen their competitiveness. It offers consultancy within strategy and business development, and helps companies utilize the global opportunities the green transition and digitalization offers. “Business development” has substantial expertise in the following fields:

Digitalization develops at the speed of lightning, and the use of data, the internet and advanced technology creates substantial changes in our society and companies. The department is specialized in developing strategies for small and medium-sized companies which take new digital growth areas into account and embody new digital opportunities into your business. Moreover, “Business Development” helps companies with sales strategy, marketing, product development plus design and organizational development and strategy.

Business acceleration
The department offers to help companies to handle the opportunities and challenges they experience when expanding into new markets. They help companies with market analysis, go-to-market strategy, business models, organizational strategy, funding strategy and marketing.

The ability to renew and innovate business and products is central to companies’ future success. Concurrently with new ground-breaking technologies being developed and inflicting radical changes on industries, the need for innovation grows. “Business Development” offers to help companies to identify new digital growth areas and develop new business concepts and business ideas.

Business development
No matter at which stage a company is in its life cycle, challenges will arise, which managers need help with. Such challenges can relate to anything from personnel, organization, business or economic issues. With many years of experience in all aspects of business development, the department helps to diagnose the problems, solve them and optimize the business. Among other things, the department helps with management and personnel development, optimizing operation, plus organizational development adapted to the market.

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