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GrowSmarter: Sharing smart city solutions within intelligent transport systems

The number of large cities continues to rise across the globe. In the future, such densely populated and heavily trafficked cities will become increasingly challenged on the energy and environmental front, especially in relation to the supply and consumption of energy, as well as the pollution caused by e.g. the transport sector.

Demonstration of Smart Cities in Europe

The purpose of the GrowSmarter project is to establish so-called lighthouses within Smart Cities, which can help demonstrate to other large cities how they – in an intelligent way – can be prepared for the energy challenges of the future. The lighthouses in GrowSmarter are Barcelona, Cologne and Stockholm, where the challenges will be met with three chief aims: 1) to improve the life quality of European citizens, 2) to reduce the environmental impact and 3) to create sustainable economic development.

Insero has a part role in the large European project and their tasks include helping to support parts surrounding electric transport and intelligent transport systems.

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