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CIPED: A Compact Intelligent Powerful Electric Drivetrain

Insero and its department Mobility are the project managers of CIPED (Compact Intelligent Powerful Electric Drivetrain) and in charge of the development of a business analysis for the commercialisation of the CIPED-solution.

A limited driving range is still a challenge for the electric vehicles and there is a current need for new innovate solutions that can help reduce the problem.

Longer driving range through electric drivetrain solutions

The goal of the CIPED project is to design a complete in-wheel motor system for electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. The system includes a brand new type of energy efficient electric motor, a range-extending buffer system, which can generate energy for the engine, a lightweight active suspension, as well as a specialised and cost-efficient control system.

The solution will deploy the energy better and, among other things, produce energy through the newly designed buffers. When this energy is combined with a lightweight suspension, the range will be extended making it possible to drive longer on a single charge.


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