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The future Smart Grid is tested on the island of Fur

The Smart Grid project aims to enable intelligent energy management so that electrical appliances in private homes may use power when there is power in the grid but are also capable of storing energy locally for later use. This also points the way towards a possible future for the power market.

In cooperation with six partners, Danish power company EnergiMidt has been granted EU funding to carry out a project on the intelligent power grid of the future. The project has received a total grant of EUR 3.4 million.

Intelligent energy management

– To put it briefly, the issue is that our existing power grid is being challenged because more and more sustainable energy is added to it. That gives us two options: We can expand the power grid, which is expensive. Or we may develop an intelligent power grid where we use power when the wind blows, relates Erling Klemmesen, business manager of EnergiMidt.

Paradigm shift

The philosophy behind this set-up is that as a consumer, you may either be rewarded or punished for your consumption. If you use power when there’s plenty of power in the grid, you are rewarded with lower rates. Conversely, you must pay higher rates for power when there isn’t a lot of available power.

EnergiMidt will develop business models for a commercial Smart Grid based on customer behaviour and activity patterns. In many ways, the Smart Grid may be viewed as a paradigm shift in the way that we perceive and use electricity, in that in the future, electricity to a higher degree will be an increasingly flexible product with varying rates that depend on the amount of electricity available in the grid.

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