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The island of Fur as center for European energy savings study

The island of Fur in the sound of Limfjorden will become one of the test sites as energy company EnergiMidt investigates how a greater understanding of power consumption may motivate people towards saving energy. And there is a huge potential: It might mean that Denmark’s annual CO2 emissions can be reduced by 1/4 million tonnes.

The more visible and accessible our energy consumption is, the greater our motivation for saving it. This is the philosophy behind the EU project EMPOWERING that EnergiMidt participates in.

Experience shows that there is great potential in achieving energy savings by making consumers aware of their consumption.

The concrete target for the EMPOWERING project: that our consumers can save 7.5 per cent on their electricity consumption. Our task is to find the right platform and method for sharing these data and, not least, to find out what our consumers think, and what they consider important.

CO2 emissions from electricity production in Denmark amount to 3 million tonnes annually. If all electricity consumers saved 7.5 per cent, this would amount to reducing the overall CO2 emissions in Denmark by 1/4 million tonnes.

Front runner in Europe

EnergiMidt, Skive municipality and the island of Fur are members of the project group behind Innovation Fur which aims to develop a model of the sustainable and digital society of the future on Fur. The involvement in Innovation Fur means that some of the tests under the EU project will be carried out here.

Read more about the EMPOWERING project here



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