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CLIMATIC industrial removes emissions such as VOCs, SOx, NOx, and other bad odours

Advanced oxidation effectively removes pollution and particles from air at less cost than filters and burners.

Based on the self-cleansing processes of the atmosphere, the patented Climatic technology of INFUSER turns volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odorous gasses into aerosol particles and captures these in electrostatic precipitators. The product is cleansed, VOCand odour-free air. Each climatic unit is constructed using a modular design combining four fundamental processes to achieve the desired conditions at minimum operation cots.


Gaseous oxidation is a highly complex process similar to combustion. However, in contrast to regular burners, the CLIMATIC operates at ambient temperatures and without supply of natural gas. The process is initiated by the reaction between a pollutant and an OH radical molecule. Hereby, a chain reaction is initiated, leaving the pollutant highly oxidized. Via a self-assembly like process, networks of hydrogen bonds form between oxidized pollutants, quickly forming large aerosol particles containing thousands of oxidized pollutants each. These aerosol particles are easily removed using electrostatic precipitation.

CLIMATIC industrial finds application in industries such as:

  • Foundry
  • Food production
  • Paint shops
  • Energy storage (NOX)
  • Carbon filter pretreatment

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