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    Informi GIS

    Informi GIS A/S was founded in 1993 as an IT company providing professional GIS solutions for the Danish market. Our solutions are based on software and technology from a select group of leading international software vendors, including Esri and ARCHIBUS.

    GIS stand for geographic information systems and with this geospatial technology you are able to analyze how and where to spend resources most effectively. Whether the goal is to increase the efficiency of fleet vehicles by optimizing standard routes and subsequently reducing fuel consumption or it is determining the optimum location for a wind farm to produce energy with minimal pollution, GIS provides the quantified information and analytical capabilities necessary to make decisions that can both support growth and reduce consumption.

    The goal of Informi GIS is to develop the company’s growth in accordance with customer demands, emphasizing quality and close personal relationships. We are among the leading GIS companies in Denmark and employ more than 70 full-time professionals and a range of freelance, specialized consultants. We serve several industries, including a large number of the Danish municipalities and government institutions, Health and Human Services, utilities, commercial and financial companies as well as the traffic and transportation industry.


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    Primary contact
    Sofie Hermansen
    +45 39965900