At InforMetics we manage and analyse water data – from your local flow or level recording across weather radar and weather forecasts to satellite and open geographical data.

You receive a real-time interface presentation that meets your requirements so that you may focus on your action on the data – not their management.

The analysis is continually improved by numerical modelling, neural networks and common sense – based our knowledge of water, ocean, climate and weather physics.

Different problems require different solutions – to select the right solution requires an overview.

We make the data transparent across your organization; to the operators who deal with the day to day problems, to the labs and the technical staff (to place their work into context), to the planners and to the management.

Data collected in one place may typically be used for other purposes when placed into context – and when others know it exists.

You may share your data with your stakeholders, the authorities and even the public – on your terms – and facilitate a discussion and collaboration towards the common goal of a more efficient and more environementally friendly operation.

We do not sell software – we aim to sell solutions – and to provide value from day one – as a monthly service without large upfront investments.

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Peter Skovgaard Rasch

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