GeoScene3D – a Danish 3D geological modelling software

GeoScene3D is a 3D software for visualizing geoscience data and building 3D geological models

Build for Water and Engineering Geologists

The primary focus of GeoScene3D has from the beginning been hydrogeological modelling for groundwater mapping, and other water related issues like construction or contamination sites. As part of the large scale Danish groundwater mapping campaign, a series of technologies were developed, including GeoScene3D. The public, private nature of the consortium behind the software, combined with the massive investment and the focus on groundwater, has resulted in a unique and versatile tool for the working hydrogeologist, hydrogeophysicist, hydrologist and other geoscientists.

Designed for Geologists

GeoScene3D facilitates visualization of a broad range of geoscience data. For example wells, geophysical data, soil and water chemistry, terrain surfaces and geological layers. The building of 3D geological models is facilitated in the software by a well-defined modelling process, supported by wizards and interactive guides. From the manual, or semi-automated production of layer interpretation points, through the generation of layer surfaces using advanced interpolation techniques to the final export of layer surfaces for further processing in other software, like FeeFlow, Modflow or similar. The Danish specialty within airborne surveys, represented by the SkyTEM method, has made its mark in the software, with special, and unique features for modelling AEM data. This includes a groundbreaking Auto-Picking functionality for AEM data, enabling fast geological modelling of large scale AEM surveys.

Official Danish standard

GeoScene3D is the standard platform for geoscience data in Denmark and is continuously developed in collaboration with the Danish Geological Survey (GEUS), the Danish Nature Agency, Danish Regions, municipalities and all major Danish engineering companies. The variety of the context of our users and the focus on the work related tasks they face, have resulted in practical, versatile and robust software with the functionality to handle everyday practical problems facing the working geologist in many situations, both private and public.

Data types and formats

GeoScene3D support a variety of data types and have import wizards in place, making it easy to visualize your data.

Some examples of data types currently used in GeoScene3D:
TEM, Airborne TEM, DC, MRS, Seismic data, SEGY, Well data, Borehole logs, Chemical data, Digital terrain models, Generic Tabular data (e.g. database, CSV…), Map Data (shp, tab, tiff, bmp….)

GeoScene3D Modules and Extensions

GeoScene3D is offered as a series of modules and extensions. This enables the end user to tailor the software to the organizational requirements.

The Builder modules enables the building of geological models, while the extensions focus on specific task, calculation, datatypes e.g. special tools for working with AEM data, calculation of well pumping drawdown etc. The software is furthermore available in a free viewer version, enabling you to share your 3D models and the 3D experience with your customers and stakeholders.

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