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Power Interface

The Power Interface is an intelligent system that provides energy and consists of just one design, one standard, and one model for the entire world to use.

Every year millions of people suffer from the consequences of rising CO2 emissions. Our planet has gotten warmer and weaker as air pollution increases rapidly. The mass production of electronics year by year has created a substantial amount of waste, the use of millions of tons of raw material, and this has consequently promoted the rise of CO2 in the air.  Specifically, the following problems can also be addressed: 

  1. The first plugs and sockets were made around 1820 and for two-hundred years this technology has remained the same.
  2. There are many different varieties of plugs being used around the world with no single agreed standard; So at this moment, we have more than 15 different plugs with different makes and standards. 

Our solution at iEV Motors is The Power Interface:

  • The Power Interface is an intelligent system which can supply energy to both household and industrial devices.  
  • The Power Interface can connect directly to renewable sources of energy such as wind turbines and solar panels.
  • This invention can save millions of tons of raw materials, reduce CO2 emissions and help save our environment.


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