Introducing the iEV Z, due to be produced in Denmark, is an innovation that will lead to a sustainable integrated transportation system that will change the way our cities function. The iEV Z is an intelligent electric vehicle that possesses a futuristic robotic body platform that is designed to change size based on your needs.

The iEV Z is a futuristic Robotic Body Platform designed vehicle that changes size based on your needs.

iEV Z is a promising innovation that will start a Clean Tech manufacturing operation in Denmark, boosting the efforts for energy transition and contributing to Denmark’s ambitious targets of reducing CO2 emissions by 2030.

Within this vehicle a room and standard seat are protected by chassis while having an incredible record-breaking width of 78 cm, you have the convenience of having comfort and stability of a car without fear of changing weather conditions, or having to use a helmet for safety as you are fully enclosed.  Anyone can drive iEV Z safely and comfortably helping to save the environment and joining the e-mobility movement of the future.

Safety: our specific design of the iEV Z makes it the smallest intelligent Electric Vehicle in the world which allows it to be the safest option in its class category. This is due to: a strong chassis protecting the passenger within the vehicle, a protected room with standard and comfortable seat with seatbelts, 4 wheel vehicle creating stability, and 4 couples Disc-Brake

Ergonomic Focus: Room and seat shape are both designed to fit like an embrace while integrating driver’s control with the car’s futuristic and technological capabilities. 

Comfort: iEV Z possesses aesthetically pleasing edges, aerodynamic efficiency, futuristic body, and vision from all sides and angles.

Design: iEV Z has a meticulous and beautiful design over and beyond expectation for a vehicle of its size. The design for our iEV Z Series has not been an overnight development but a labor of love having gone through painstaking research, multiple prototypes, and upgrades to finally reveal the model we have today.


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