2GREEN: New and intelligent traffic regulating system

Intelligent traffic control for bicycles paves the way for a sustainable and green future

Cities worldwide today encounter challenges with growing congestion, traffic pollution, and wear and tear on city asphalt. The solution to these problems is not building a bigger road network, but to use the existing asphalt and traffic lights intelligently.

2GREEN is a new and intelligent traffic regulating system that prioritizes green transport.

At ID-advice we constantly strive to use RFID technology in new and innovative ways. The 2GREEN solution works by attaching a RFID-reflex on your front wheel, after which the system takes over completely and lets you pass the intersection without slowing you down. The green trafficants will have a green wave through the city.

Prioritizing green transport will increase mobility in cities fighting against traffic problems and will also have a positive impact on the environment. There are large economic savings in 2GREEN compared to existing alternatives; around 40% savings per installation when compared to existing solutions such as Inductive Loops.

Traffic planners will have access to smart data to manage the traffic flow better in the city. 2GREEN integrates with open European data systems like MobiNet, RADICAL, CKAN and FIWARE, and uses 4G, NB-IoT and LoRa for mobile connection.

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