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ID-advice is a specialist in Auto-ID, primarily RFID solutions.

ID-advice knows how to do RFID in logistics and storage, where tracking of goods means minizing food waste and resource consumption. But no matter where RFID is used, it will always provide a more valid and detailed information and consequently environmental benefits.

A new but important use of RFID are RFID in combination with other wireless technologies in Smart City installations to improve urban enviroment. An exsample of a Smart City solution where urban RFID is used is the tracking of bicycles in intersections. 2GREEN is a new and intelligent traffic control system. It is an effective way to prioritize cyclists of all types of traffic systems. 2GREEN brings many benefits to the Smart City.

The system allows cyclists green light and increases mobility in cities battling traffic issues 2GREEN also have a positive impact on the environment and the city’s economy. 2GREEN means big savings compared to existing alternatives. But 2GREEN is not just ITS, it is as well a data generator for Smart Cities traffic. The traffic planner can keep track of how many cyclists passing a given cross each day and when. All this data can be implemented in various systems around the Smart City and be integrated into a larger traffic planning / monitoring.


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