HydroSystems is specialized in products for optimizing the sewer system. The company was founded in Denmark year 2004 and since then we have developed a range of highly specialized equipment on our own as well as we deliver a wide – high quality – product range from our German partners.

The HydroSystems product range gives you:

  • Automatically treatment of Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) in order to minimize the environmental impact on the recipients and avoid the cost and space for unnecessary large retention basins. We developed the HydroSeparator® CSO as a Best Management Practice.
  • Automatically treatment of Storm Water from polluted areas such as industry and roads before outlet to rivers and lakes etc. We developed the HydroSeparator® as a Best Management Practice.
  • Automatically flushing of the sewer system and retention basins We are the leading company in delivering flushing systems for very large underground retention basins and tunnel pipes with a Hydraulic penstock.
  • Accurate and automated control of flow in sewer systems, both mechanical solutions and dynamic controlled solutions with PLC controlled panels and communication to central operator via SRO/SCADA systems. We are using high precision flow regulators for optimal control of the water and flow.

When doing business with HydroSystems you are always offered a solution we can be proud of – many of them preparing you for the climate changes.

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