Water Hydraulic Process Valve

The Hydract double seat valve housing is designed in cooperation with hygienic design specialists to offer a great range of hygienic and cleanable valve houses for the process industry. The design of the valve house creates optimal conditions in terms of cleanability and flow.

It is designed to deliver high performance every time, every day!

Flow direction – the flow is bi-directional (flow can be both upstream and downstream), this also applies when using the valve for regulation.

Mixproof safety – the valve internals seal off the two pipelines to avoid any unintentional mixing of fluids. If seal leakage should occur, the leaking fluid will travel through the leakage chamber and out of the bottom of the valve thereby creating a visible leak indication.
Seals – Seals designed in collaboration with Freudenberg Process Seals GmbH & Co. The seal materials are EPDM for static, axial and the lower seat seal. Shaft seals are a two-part seal, the material in contact with the shaft is a filled PTFE and the energising ring is EPDM.

Seat Calibration – The O-ring compression on the upper seat can be adjusted by connecting the actuator to a tablet using the Hydract app.
Flow conditions – the conical shape of the lower seat allows for optimal flow when opening, closing, or using the valve for regulation. The reduced pressure drops inherent with this design, is used to gain more control over the same stroke, thus giving more stability, especially when used in regulation operation. The shape of the flow controlling surface can be engineered to meet the need of the process, i.e. quick opening, equal percentage, and other types of valve control.

The valve houses are clamped together with the actuator using standard tri-clamps to ensure fast and easy assembly of the total valve system.

The valve sizes and dimensions are shown in below table.

For more and customized sizes please contact Hydract.

Features and benefits
• Hygienic design
• Easy to clean
• Bi-directional flow
• All valves can be regulating valves

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HYDRACT is control by water. The sustainable revolution that is sweeping across the industry is a challenge for an industry that already have picked all the low hanging fruits. How is it possible to find savings without new technology our new ways of thinking production? How to lower the production waste? Is it sustainable to use electricity from alternative energy sources and not reducing how much we use? A reduction of product waste and less cleaning is possible if processes are turned around and looked at in new ways. The achievement of especially late product differentiation of beverage will revolutionize the beverage industry making it possible to produce just in time and on-demand – small volume production will help the industry to better profits and unprecise forecasts will be over. The dynamic market situation that is currently happening in the beverage industry is challenging the lifetime of products. The late product differentiation will help the industry overcome this hurdle. The system brings operational scalability and flexibility to the industry where it is much needed. A lot of companies cannot envision a world that operates differently than how they work (and how they have been successful) for years. At HYDRACT we work continuously to optimize and rethink processes creating a better margin for our customers. Go beyond precision!

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