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Horn Group

Climawintech is an intelligent valve system (Pat.) making windows part of the indoor climate and energy solution.

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Horn-Group has solved the problem of how to provide a building with fresh air without a heat loss. It is well known that the biggest heat loss of a building comes from the windows. Wiith the Climawintech intelligent valve system the outside air passes through the lower sill of the window and is preheated by the normal heat loss of the building combined with the sun as it passes through to the top of the window construction. Here, the air is lead in to the room through a patented valve system driven by thermostatic or electronic motors.

Combined with moderne exhaust heat pumps the solution is known as the “simplest indoor climate solution in the world”, as in mordern low-energy building this solution is often adequate to provide both for ventilation, warm water and heating. Tested by Fraunhofer, subsidized by the European Union and documented by the University of Aalborg in Denmark.

Horn-Group is a young innovative company that reaches out to the International Window Industry in order to offer this unique and advanced technology to other markets with the objective to increase energy effeciency and improve the indoor climate.

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